[conference: foundations of information science]

Conference Date:
August 20-23, 2010
Deadline of Paper Submission:
May 20th, 2010
Notification of Acceptance:
 June 20th, 2010
Continuing the series of FIS Conferences (Madrid 1994, Vienna 1996, Paris 2005) a new venue will be held in Beijing 2010. In our times, an increasing number of disciplines are dealing with information in very different ways: from information society and information technology to communication studies (and related subjects like codes, meaning, knowledge, and intelligence), as well as quantum information, bioinformation, knowledge economy, network science, computer science and Internet, to name but a few. At the same time, an increasing number of scientists in the East and the West have been engaged with the foundational problems underlying this development, to such an extent that the integration of disciplines revolving around information seems an idea whose time has come. A new science of information can be envisaged that explores the possibilities of establishing a common ground, of constructing a new scientific perspective that connects the different information-related disciplines and provides a new framework for transdisciplinary research.


1.  The Impact of a New Science of Information on Society
2.  The Position of Intelligence Science in Information Science
       a. Information and Intelligence
       b. Intelligence Science as an Engineering Informatics in Information Science  
3.  The Role of Other Applied Information Science Disciplines (Computer Science, Human Computer Interaction, Computer Mediated Communication, Computer Supported Cooperative Work, Information and Communication Technologies and Society, Library and Documentation Science, …)
4.  The Basis of a New Science of Information
       a.  Feasibility of a single generic concept of information
       b.  Concepts, Principles, and Methodology of a “General Informatics” or “Theoretical Informatics”
       c.   Knowledge Structure of a Unified Theory of Information 
5.   Philosophy of Information
       a.   Information Ethics
       b.   Epistemology (Information and the Scientific Method, …)  
       c.   Ontology of Information   
       d.   Information and Philosophy of Science (Information and the System of Sciences – Transdisciplinarity – Consilience, …)
6.   Science of Information in Real-World Systems
       a.  Science of Information in Physical and Chemical Systems (Quantum Information, Molecular Recognition, …)
       b.  Science of Information in Living Systems (Biosemiotics, Systems Biology, Bioinformation, …)
       c.   Science of Information in Human / Social Systems
              i.  Science of Information in Human Cognition (Mind-Brain Theory, Consciousness, …)
              ii.  Science of Information in Human Communication (Linguistics, Social Networking,Communication Studies, …)
              iii.  Science of Information in Human Cooperation (Collective Intelligence, Knowledge Management, Advanced Intelligence, …)
7.   Science of the Information Society / Age (Information Society Theory, Internet Research, Social Informatics, New Media Studies, …)

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