Jessica Laccetti is an educator, consultant and researcher of the social and pedagogical effects of new media technologies. Jessica is currently developing an online Master’s course on new media narratives for the University of Alberta. The new course is due to start Jan. 2011. The course will address, among other things, connections between writing, publishing and new media; the changing role of the writer alongside new media platforms and tools and the concept of transliteracy.

Jessica’s ph.d thesis focused on new media narratives and the role of multimodality.  This research employed concepts of literary and narratological theory which were widened in order to create an adequate lens for the reading/interpretation of born digital fictions.  Drawing on her ph.d research, Jessica’s post-doctoral studies focused on transdisciplinarity within academia and facilitated discussions and creations between different disciplines and between academia and industry.  She has written about narratives, new media, pedagogy and web 2.0 since 2000.  Jess’s writings have appeared in academic and business books and journals. Additionally Jess has created and authored blogs for various SMEs and educational institutions. 

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